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Drive in a healthy, clean and shiny car again. Save money at the convenience of your home with 1st Class Mobile Detailing. Our high pressure washing and cleaning solutions will have your vehicle looking and feeling like new in no time.

RV & Motorhome Wash and Detailing Available

Complete Exterior and Interior Wash and Detailing Service Upon Request
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Interior Car Cleaning

Auto Car Wash and Vehicle Detail at the Comfort of Your Home or Business

The driver seat of your car is where you will spend most of your time going back and forth to work, vacations and so on. Keeping your interior surfaces, cracks, and blemishes free results in an improved driving experience.

1st Class Mobile Detailing has revamped the traditional interior and exterior detailing services that you expect, offering unparalleled levels of cleanliness, conditioning, and maintenance.

Our 1st Class Auto Wash and Detail Process Includes:

  • Complete Exterior and Interior Cleaning
    Re-service is recommended every 3-6 months or 5000 miles. You have been driving your vehicle a lot, so why not get a professional to take care of it.
  • Reduce 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses with Professional Vacuuming and Cleaning of all Interior Surfaces

    This includes leather, cloth, vinyl, glass, and plastics.

  • Generous Application of Premium Conditioner
    Our premium vehicle conditioner will promote that natural OEM look as well as protect your vehicle against harmful UV rays.
  • Thoroughly Wash, Detail and Wax Exterior of Vehicle
    This includes Paint, Glass, Metal, Trim, Wheels, Plastics, Suspension, Undercarriage, Running Boards, etc.
  • Happy, Healthy and Shiny Vehicle!

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Corrosive Elements

Protect Your Investment

1st Class Mobile Detailing is the premiere car wash detailing service serving the greater Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area. We offer several options for cleaning your vehicle from inside out, from top to bottom.

Corrosive Elements

Here in Queen Creek, we understand the challenges posed by severe weather conditions, as airborne contaminants include the corrosion particles carried in by the sun and rain.

Disruptive Contaminants

Disruptive Contaminants

These are occurrences where sand, gravel, and icing agents get embedded into the exterior surfaces of your vehicles paint. Many of these come from road asphalt that washes off or splashes on the exterior surface of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle in a garage will help you avoid these contaminants.

Mobile Detailing Service

Prevent Lasting Damage

Exposure to the oil from roads, the sun’s rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and the various pollutants of Arizona’s environment can all degrade your cars finish. 1st Class Mobile Detailing, we use the industry’s best-performing cleaning materials to safely clean away dirt, protecting your finish and improving shine.

Get Your Vehicle Washed and Detailed at the Comfort of Your Home or Business

Those clunky auto wash machines never clean your vehicle the right way. Call or text 480-712-WASH (9274) or 602-359-6142. Better yet, you can click the button below and get the car wash and car detail your vehicle deserves.